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Koshy’s keeps Old Bangalore alive in the IT age

Prem Koshy (Photo: Kelly Zegers)

By Vandana Rambaran
Nestled amid the bustle of rickshaws and scooters on St. Marks Road and around the corner from Hard Rock Café is Koshy’s, a vintage bar and restaurant that Bangaloreans hail as a living piece of their heritage. Continue reading

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From ‘city of gardens’ to ‘city of garbage’?

Just outside of Bangalore, garbage piles by riverbank. PC Rick Ricioppo

By Marvin Fuentes
Walk in any direction in the streets of Bangalore, and piles of it are everywhere. Stray dogs feast on it. People walk around it, ignoring its existence. It’s one of the city’s most unwelcome guests.
Garbage. Continue reading

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India’s video game scene is still in its infancy


Video by Peter Dorr
In India, the video game industry is in its infancy. One emerging trend will, if cultivated, revolutionize it. Continue reading

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Acceptance comes slowly to Bangalore’s LGBT communities

By Krysten Massa The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Bangalore, and in India in general, is increasingly visible, gay and transgender activists say. But they balk at lumping everybody together into one “LGBT” category. While gay and transgender … Continue reading

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