A fledgling reporter learns he can fly

Suggested lanes: two. Actual lanes: at least three. Scooters, auto-rickshaw s, cars and buses jam Bangalore's streets for hours each day, stretching a 20-minute trip to more than an hour.  (Photo: Vandana Ramburan)

By Kevin Matyi
Wednesday, June 3—I am still early in the journalism program, having completed only four classes. When my first day of interviews came around yesterday, I feared that my limited interviewing experience hadn’t prepared me for the half a dozen interviews I had within two days.
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An ‘Extraordinary’ experience

Only the glow from their monitors and computer towers illuminates the people playing games inside the League of Extraordinary Gamers. (Photo: Marvin Fuentes)

As I walked along the sidewalk to my destination, I nearly fell into a pit. A gaping foot-wide hole in the pavement lay in wait for an unsuspecting passerby like me to stumble into. I almost lost my leg. A … Continue reading

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A pre-dawn journey to Bangalore’s flower market

Below ground, workers like this man create elaborate flower garlands and arrangements to be sold at the market every day. (Photo: Marvin Fuentes)

Tuesday, June 2–Despite not being a morning person, I mustered enough energy on Tuesday morning when I woke at 4 a.m. to head into the City Market of Bangalore to see the unique crack-of-dawn convergence of masses of people buying and selling  flowers out in … Continue reading

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The reporters get rolling

Fabrics for sale on Commercial Street, Bangalore's shopping hub (Photo: Krysten Massa)

  Monday, June 1–Today began with a meeting between the JWW crew, Indian Institute for Journalism and New Media professors Kanchan Kaur and Surekha Deepak, activist Anita Cheria, and two of our four translators, who are journalism students at Jain … Continue reading

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A Sunday stroll in Cubbon Park

A nature scene with the city peeking through in the backround on our walk through Cubbon Park. (Photo: Krysten Massa)

Sunday, May 31–Our second day in Bangalore started off with a stroll through Cubbon Park, which is right in the center of the city. This very large park is home to all sorts of sights: large clumps of bamboo with carvings on … Continue reading

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Culture shock in Malleshwaram

Ninth-generation priest Gangadharadixit, left, and his nephew and fellow priest, Sharath, at Kaadu Malleshwara (Photo: Krysten Massa)

  Saturday, May 30–Our first day on the ground in Bangalore, and it was noisy. “Beep, beep, beep” we heard as the bright green-and-yellow auto-rickshaws, the quick cars and electric scooters—some carrying as many as two adults and three children—squeezed … Continue reading

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Ready for our adventure to start


Wednesday, May 28–It’s the eve of our departure. The last-minute crises–a lost passport, an expired passport, an approved loan that hadn’t shown up, a visa approved only today–have been resolved. Bags are packed with hot-weather clothing and the electronics we’ll … Continue reading

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