Ivana Stolnik

Ivana Stolnik

Ivana Stolnik is an international student from Croatia studying journalism at Stony Brook University. She’s passionate about human rights and international law and wants to continue her education following that direction.

She speaks several foreign languages and is always interested in learning more. Ivana has traveled all around Europe, the United States, Canada, and to many of the Caribbean islands. Africa is the next big continent that she will be exploring by the end of this year. She has previously studied abroad in Italy, and just recently, she visited Cuba. She’s a firm believer that traveling is the most important investment one can make in life and that it can change a person forever. Most of the things she has learned about herself and about life was not from a classroom, but through travels.

Cuba is, however, different than any other place that she’s ever been to and it made a lasting impression on her. Listening, being curious and asking questions helped her in discovering what real Cuba is.


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