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The garment industry tackles India’s social ills

A women keeping her face covered while working to protect against dust. (Photo: Krysten Massa)

By Alicia Bermudez and Kevin Matyi Indian Designs, a garment manufacturer with seven factories throughout India, appears to be a model of corporate social responsibility. The clean, airy, well-lit factory at its headquarters in Bangalore employs 2,200 people. In total, … Continue reading

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COLUMN: Why has no one fixed the traffic yet?

Crossing 220120

By Kevin Matyi
During our reporting in Bangalore, our 13-passenger van was in a minor accident. I watched as a motorcyclist attempted to drive past us on the left shoulder. Continue reading

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Heritage sites have a hazy future in Bangalore

The State Central Library is housed in the Seshadru Iyer Memorial Building in Cubbon Park. It was renovated in 2007. (Photo: Kelly Zegers)

By Kelly Zegers See related photo gallery Bangalore’s 20-year information technology boom has driven significant, rapid expansion, with development gobbling up former suburbs and farmland and new buildings rising everywhere. But with the shift to the new, some are worried … Continue reading

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Shanti Bhavan’s children: from abject poverty to business elite


By Diana Lopez
“Don’t force them to get married,” Abraham George, founder of Shanti Bhavan Residential School, told the parents of the Class of 2015. Continue reading

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