Sunil Ramesh

sunilbetterSunil Ramesh, 20, is in his final year at Jain University in Bangalore. Sunil served in the Indian Army and was stationed in northern India during his university years. He studied journalism via correspondence with Jain faculty. After taking exams in the coming year, he will earn his degree.

Sunil’s fluency in five languages–Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and English–proved an asset as he assisted the Stony Brook team in Bangalore as a translator.

His career plans, however, involve music. He is already an accomplished drummer, and the band he and his father formed opened for Iron Maiden during its India tour. The band also has performed at the Bangalore International Film Festival and the International Dance Festival in Kolkata, and at hotels, bars and restaurants in Bangalore.

He hopes to continue his musical education in Carnatic music, studying the mridangam, a hand drum, and eventually to travel abroad to pursue drumming on a professional level. He dreams of meeting musical legends such as John McLaughlin and Santana, who, he says, have been his greatest inspirations.–Vandana Rambaram


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