Many people helped make our reporting trip to Bangalore a success. Professor S.N. Sridhar of Stony Brook University’s Center for India Studies suggested we consider Bangalore when we first began discussing a Journalism Without Walls trip to India and provided much useful advice as our plans unfolded. He connected trip leader Barbara Selvin with valuable contacts in Bangalore, including Professor Sandeep Shastri of Jain University’s Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education, who offered the group the use of the centre’s board room. Professor Shastri arranged for our lodgings next door at the Royale Senate Hotel, for our four wonderful translators from Jain’s journalism program, and for our drivers, van and cars. After he left to teach a summer class at the University of California-Berkeley, his colleague Professor Reetika Syal managed our day-to-day needs. (A special shout-out to our favorite driver, Ganga!)

Dr. Sridhar also connected Professor Selvin to Sugata Raju, a prominent Indian journalist based in Bangalore, who in turn connected her to Kanchan Kaur, vice dean of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. Dean Kaur and her colleague, Professor Surekha Deepak, along with social-justice activist Anita Cheria, reviewed the students’ story proposals before our arrival, met with us for a critique as soon as we had recovered from jet lag.

Dean Kaur and her husband, Chandrashekar (Hari) Hariharan, welcomed us to a delicious dinner at her home, as did Professor Shailaja Shastri. Both kindly took notice of our tender tummies and prepared meals light on spices, a welcome change.

The staff of the Royale Senate Hotel, especially manager A. Raj Shetty, and the staff of its Saaga restaurant kept us comfortable and well fed.

Our fixer and guide, Dipti Kumar, arranged two immensely useful panels with local journalists and experts. We are grateful to the panelists for the generous gifts of their time, knowledge and enthusiasm: Naresh Narasimhan, Vasanthi Hariprakash, Pratiba Raman, Etka Mittal, Sudipto Mondal, Robin Christopher and Meera K. Dipti also arranged for us to meet with photographer Vivek Mathew, whose work inspired us.

We appreciate the people of Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project and the management of Indian Designs, who allowed us to visit their facilities and granted us interviews, and also to the Honorable Justice B.S. Indrakala for arranging our tours of the Vidhana Soudha and the High Court of Karnataka. We are grateful to all of our sources, too numerous to name here, for speaking with us and patiently enduring our innumerable photos and videos.

We’d also like to thank the following:

Samar Halarnkar and Priya Ramini,

Jilian Mincer and Robin Paxton of Reuters,

Manju Shivacharan,

Aida Mezzanotte and Jennifer Green of Stony Brook University’s Office of International Academic Programs,

Stony Brook University School of Journalism’s Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting and its supporters,

. . . and last but far from least, the parents of our Journalism Without Walls 2015 participants.


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