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From ‘city of gardens’ to ‘city of garbage’?

Just outside of Bangalore, garbage piles by riverbank. PC Rick Ricioppo

By Marvin Fuentes
Walk in any direction in the streets of Bangalore, and piles of it are everywhere. Stray dogs feast on it. People walk around it, ignoring its existence. It’s one of the city’s most unwelcome guests.
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Bangalore’s four-legged ‘untouchables’

Stray dog at City Market. (Photo credit: Diana Lopez.)

By Diana Lopez
Every morning on Bellary Road, a skinny, sad-looking dog wanders past the entrance of the Royale Senate hotel, walking toward the neighboring businesses and back.
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COLUMN: Why has no one fixed the traffic yet?

Crossing 220120

By Kevin Matyi
During our reporting in Bangalore, our 13-passenger van was in a minor accident. I watched as a motorcyclist attempted to drive past us on the left shoulder. Continue reading

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