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At City Market, scents of jasmine in the dawn

A flower vendor outside City Market. (Photo credit: Alicia Bermudez.)

By Alicia Bermudez
It is 5 a.m. on a Tuesday, and the sun is barely above the horizon. When most people are sound asleep, flower vendors at Bangalore’s City Market have been up for hours. Continue reading

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An early-morning glimpse of Bangalore’s City Market

Flower in City Market PC Massa15

Just after dawn, the streets leading to City Market are already filled with flower vendors and their customers. Continue reading

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A pre-dawn journey to Bangalore’s flower market

Below ground, workers like this man create elaborate flower garlands and arrangements to be sold at the market every day. (Photo: Marvin Fuentes)

Tuesday, June 2–Despite not being a morning person, I mustered enough energy on Tuesday morning when I woke at 4 a.m. to head into the City Market of Bangalore to see the unique crack-of-dawn convergence of masses of people buying and selling  flowers out in … Continue reading

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