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Finding a haven in Bangalore’s bookstores

One of the shoppers on the third floor of Blossom, browsing through some of the stock. (Photo: Kevin Matyi)

By Kevin Matyi
Becoming a local landmark. Specializing in obscure, hard-to-find titles from centuries past. Fitting hundreds of thousands of books in a tiny storefront. These are the ways that independent bookstores are surviving in Bangalore. Continue reading

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The garment industry tackles India’s social ills

A women keeping her face covered while working to protect against dust. (Photo: Krysten Massa)

By Alicia Bermudez and Kevin Matyi Indian Designs, a garment manufacturer with seven factories throughout India, appears to be a model of corporate social responsibility. The clean, airy, well-lit factory at its headquarters in Bangalore employs 2,200 people. In total, … Continue reading

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COLUMN: Why has no one fixed the traffic yet?

Crossing 220120

By Kevin Matyi
During our reporting in Bangalore, our 13-passenger van was in a minor accident. I watched as a motorcyclist attempted to drive past us on the left shoulder. Continue reading

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A fledgling reporter learns he can fly

Suggested lanes: two. Actual lanes: at least three. Scooters, auto-rickshaw s, cars and buses jam Bangalore's streets for hours each day, stretching a 20-minute trip to more than an hour.  (Photo: Vandana Ramburan)

By Kevin Matyi
Wednesday, June 3—I am still early in the journalism program, having completed only four classes. When my first day of interviews came around yesterday, I feared that my limited interviewing experience hadn’t prepared me for the half a dozen interviews I had within two days.
Continue reading

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