Emily Benson

Emily BensonEmily Benson, 20, is a third year journalism major on the print/web track. She is also a business minor, which she hopes will help her keep better track of her finances and monitor her excess shopping habits.

Emily is an assistant editor for the Opinions section at her college newspaper, The Statesman, and is the social media and marketing intern at her school’s commuter student services office. She is accepting a new internship for Spring 2016 at NPR’s WSHU station in Stony Brook and is extremely excited to get on the airwaves.

She hopes to one day write her own fiction storybook, climb every mountain in the Adirondacks and live out the life of Carrie Bradshaw writing for Cosmo in New York City.

Her staple foods include warm bread and butter, cinnamon applesauce, and enough coffee to fill a swimming pool. And puppies. Not as a food, just as a staple in her life.

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