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Canines of Cuba

Photo by Briana Lionetti.

By Briana Lionetti, Kayla Shults and Janelle Clausen Everywhere you turn in Cuba, you’ll find a dog. They are basically free to roam the streets, which can be shocking for Americans used to keeping their dogs on a leash or … Continue reading

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Soccer is Scoring in Cuba

By Janelle Clausen Havana, Cuba – Baseball may still be winning the soul of Cuba, but soccer is stepping up to the plate. “The new generation doesn’t really care about baseball, but the older generation— that’s what they grew up with,” … Continue reading

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Cuban Journalism Is Changing Amid Bilateral Relations

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By Julio Avila Havana, Cuba – At a White House press conference on May 21, 2015, a female Cuban reporter and her Cuban colleagues raised their hands a few times, then a few times more. Each was eager to ask a … Continue reading

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The Way of the Saints

One of the many shrines inside the House of Santeria in Callejon de Hamel, Cuba. People who practice the syncretic religion of Santeria worship many gods. All around the house were figures of different ethnicities, like seen here an Arabic, a Navajo Native American, an African American and a Caucasian all on the same ledge. Photo by Rick Ricioppo.

By Briana Lionetti Callejon de Hamel, Cuba – At the House of Santeria in Callejon de Hamel, Cuba, one will find statues of Navajo Native Americans, Chinese Buddhists, and Jesus Christ on the cross. There are also gifts to the … Continue reading

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For the Love of the Game

By Kayla Shults Havana, Cuba – The pitcher, dressed in all red makes eye contact with his catcher before winding up. The baseball flies from his hand, only to make direct contact with the hitter’s bat. What could have been an … Continue reading

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Hasta Luego, Cuba

By Abby Del Vecchio I remember, during my first semester at Stony Brook, hearing about an upcoming Journalism Without Walls trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I was amazed at the fact that students were able to go to another country and … Continue reading

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Running Out of Cuban Time… Adios La Habana

By Janelle Clausen & Julio Avila The day started early…real early, well after midnight. The crew wanted one last glimpse of historic Old Havana before departing Cuba the next day…later, actually (It felt like the day before). Most of us … Continue reading

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Cuba: A New Reality

By Alexa Coveney and Abby Del Vecchio Havana, Cuba – Despite the crumbling infrastructure and societal problems in Cuba, art thrives in the city of Havana. Wilay Méndez Páez is a sculptor, painter and poet who uses discarded and decomposing … Continue reading

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Sunday in Havana

Cristina Escobar speaks with students about the unique state of journalism in Cuba. Photo Credit: Rick Ricioppo.

By Alexa Coveney Today is our second day in Havana. We met with Cristina Escobar Domínguez, a Cuban television broadcaster and journalist. She is the host of a weekly television talk show, “Once a Week,” which focuses on Cuban art, … Continue reading

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Hot Coffee with Ice


By Briana Lionetti We started our day off at the Rafael Trejo boxing gym in Havana. We met Lisuan Lopez, 20, who was getting a bicep massage from his trainer Anna Somma. While my translator, Briceyda Landaverde, and I were talking to … Continue reading

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